Market Facts
U.S. organizations spent more than $55.4 billion for formal training activities last year. Source: Training Magazine Industry Report

Lifelong Learning Magazine is an online publication dedicated to professional training and development. Our readers are primarily interested in corporate training and development, timely and topical information about the e-learning industry and the newest trends and techniques in the field of competency and performance improvement. Through its partnership with United States Online University, Lifelong Learning Magazine attracts influential professionals who are key decision makers for e-learning initiatives and major training and development projects in universities, schools, corporations and the government.

Reader Profile
Most of our readers are key decision makers in mid to large-sized organizations charged with streamlining and innovating the learning process through the use of technology.media_03

Business and Industry
Our readership comes from businesses and industries of all sizes.

• Automotive 5%   • Insurance 5%
• Banking 6%   • Manufacturer 28%
• Beverage 4%   • Real Estate 4%
• Chemical 7%   • Retail 9%
• Communication 3%   • Services 6%
• Education 12%   • Tourism 4%
• Electronics 5%   • Transportation 2%

Editorial Content

Reviews and articles written by training and performance experts who use the programs and products on a daily basis. These reviews are unbiased, comprehensive and an invaluable resource in making educated buying decisions.  Introductions to interesting meeting and conference places around the globe.

Timely and important information about new training and development techniques and tools.

This section introduces powerful tools and concepts for the development of performance.

Training professionals and industry experts take a close look at trends, new ideas and emerging methods and approaches in the human resources development field. Significant industry news and research reports are also covered.

Rate Card
Effective January, 2018

Product 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months
Showcase $ 2495 $ 2395 $ 2295 $ 2195 $ 2095
Profiles $ 1295 $ 1195 $ 1095 $ 995 $ 895
Events Calendar $ 995 $ 895 $ 795 $ 695 $ 595
Soft & Hardware
$ 495 $ 445 $ 395 $ 345 $ 295
Training Supplier’s
$ 495 $ 445 $ 395 $ 345 $ 295
Seminar & Workshop
$ 495 $ 445 $ 395 $ 345 $ 295

All rates are subject to change.

 Product Specifications

Product Description and Format
Showcase Present new products and services and provide links to downloadable trial versions and free online product demos.
Dimensions: 465 x 1500 pixels with link to your website
Profiles Introduce your company, its executives, your business philosophy and major accomplishments to potential customers.
Dimensions: 465 x 750 pixels with link to your website
Events Calendar List newsworthy information about special developments and remind your target group of upcoming industry events such as seminars, workshops, user conferences and tradeshows.
Dimensions: 465 x 500 pixels with link to your website
Soft & Hardware
Present your latest digital power tools in full color and direct readers to your website.
Dimensions: 465 x 250 pixels with link to your website
Training Supplier’s
Introduce potential customers to the benefits of your training programs and services.
Dimensions: 465 x 250 pixels with link to your website
Seminar & Workshop
Assist organizations and individuals in selecting the seminars and workshops they need.
Dimensions: 465 x 250 pixels with link to your website